I unexpectedly found a good deal on a house and needed a pre-approved mortgage asap. Jacek was able to get me the pre-approval just in time to successfully bid on the house. During the pre-approval application process he was also very thorough about what terms the lender offered and explained what the terms meant.

He was also proactive at following up with me to make sure I got everything I needed to advance the loan without any delay. I would trust him again if I ever need another mortgage in the future.

Edward Z

Waterloo, ON

I will be recommending Jacek to anyone and everyone. I was very impressed with both his level of professionalism and how approachable he is. I had lost confidence in my previous Mortgage lender, due to lack of transparency, knowledge, and options. Jacek is organized, and on the ball.

Brian A

Cambridge, ON

Jacek is a highly skilled and effective professional who always goes the extra mile. He was able to help me greatly with my portfolio of properties, saving me a significant amount of money through lower interest rates as well as increasing my access to home equity. It’s been a pleasure working with him so far, and I cannot recommend him enough.

Vinnie P

Waterloo, ON

“Jacek is an amazing broker who will go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting all of your needs met and questions answered. He is always a phone call, message or email away and SUPER fast to respond! Honestly he put in a lot of work for us and we can’t thank him enough for all of his efforts. He knows his stuff! Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed!”

Evyanne Q
Ottawa, ON